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Joan Bazaz
4604 14th Ave. NW
Seattle , WA 98107


I established Bazaz Glass in 1985 when I turned from ceramics and began producing tableware, jewelry, and corporate gifts in glass. In the past 30 years my work has expanded to include custom and retail lighting and commissions for residential and public projects of significant scale.  I personally design and produce all Bazaz Glass objects in my Seattle studio, and enlist trusted artisans for assistance when needed.

Most of my glass is kilnworked.  In this process, flat sheets of clear & colored glass are cut and layered, painted, or silkscreened to create patterns on glass surfaces. When heated to 1400 degrees in a kiln, layers fuse together and enameled images are permanently fired onto the glass. Heated again in special molds, the glass slumps to form dinnerware, the curved surfaces of lighting fixtures or screens, and sculpture.

I welcome commissions and work directly with designers, architects and homeowners to create privacy screens, windows, and lighting fixtures that are architecturally integrated and suit the client's lifestyle, budget and taste.

Please contact me for a design meeting or project quote. 


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